What Makes Our Louvered Roofs Better

A typical pergola or louvered roofed simple can't compete with an Arcadia louvered patio cover. Our roofs are adjustable, high quality and fully customizable. Since they're adjustable, they feature venting capabilities and superior weather protection. With our competitions' covers, you need to choose whether you had like complete shade, partial shade or sunshine, year-round. With our cover, you are able to select the exact amount of coverage you'll need at just about any given time. Louvered Roofs

Many made patio covers don't have louvers at all. They may be solid roofs that create shade for when it is hot outside but don't bring any ventilation or partial shade choices or simple canvas awnings. Models that do feature louvers still do not show the adjustability that we do. They may be completely fixed in the open position or have some small adjustability. Our product is unique because our slats rotate a full 180 degrees with all the push of a button. The flexible louver system redirect sunlight irrespective of where the sun is placed in the skies and can limit unpleasant brightness. Our battery powered motorized system enables you to adjust the angle of your louvered roof quickly and precisely having an easy-to-use remote. You can even program the machine to rotate the louvers automatically at particular times of day or in certain weather events. Naturally, you may also decide to adjust the angle manually.

Our louvers bring total weather protection to your own patio. When the louvers come together in the closed position, they form practical rain channels. Our rain channels are larger so they can hold more water over. During sudden day downpours, the smaller rain channels on non-Arcadia models haven't been successful at repelling precipitation. Rain comes up over the lip fills up their little channels and floods the patio below. Many competing roof manufacturers use thin, shoddy aluminum or steel that begins to rust after only several months of use. At Arcadia, we use extruded, thick gauge aluminum that stands up to bad weather and stays rust-free for years. Louvered Roofs

Finally, our patio covers could be customized to fit any size outside space and match any architecture. They come in lots of colors as well as bonus features such as built in fans and lights may be added for comfort and style. This makes Arcadia roofs an ideal choice for other large outdoor living areas and restaurant patios. With columns available in wood, rock and metal, our tough, satisfaction-guaranteed system can make any deck or patio like a natural extension of your indoor space.


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